Vivi (awff7) wrote in cosmo_canyon,

Final Fantasy Women Music Video

Hi, I'm new here *waves*

I come bearing a gift: A music video I made around four years ago, but I just posted it on YouTube. It uses the music "Time's Scar" from the Chrono Cross soundtrack and clips from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and X. It focuses mainly on Aerith/Aeris, Rinoa, Edea, Garnet, and Yuna. I'm really proud of it and am especially happy that YouTube didn't mess up the timing of the audio and video, lol (which happens more often than people would know).

View it by either clicking the link:

Final Fantasy Women: Time's Scar

x-posted in a lot of comms

I hope you enjoyed it! Reviews are appreciated, especially constructive criticism.

Edited with a slightly revised ending.
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