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Welcome to Rebirth Mansion. A large house off the coast of nowhere, verging on the sea of nothingness, backed by the forest of infinity. You can not leave, there is no place to go. You can swim for hours, sail for days, but in the end you'll only end up back where you started. The forest will turn you around back to the mansion. Well, if you're lucky.
A place where God is a DJ, things are never what they seem, and nothing ever stays the same.

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Welcome to Nirvana; everyone's paradise. We hope you enjoy your stay, exits are at the front and to your-- oh, wait. Sorry! No exits out of here. Once you arrive here, you're stuck. This is the place that you only dream about when in the deepest slumber; the world in between everything. Everyone knows of life and death, but what ever happened to the transitory state in between? This is limbo turned Paradise. Don't try to go home, it isn't happening. You're stuck in the waiting room for the afterlife.

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I am now once again taking commissions for Character Plushies. 

Please visit melanielynncreations.deviantart.com for examples of previous works!

Furthermore! I am also selling this Advent Children Plushie of Cloud!

Please let me know if interested, I am pretty much taking the best offer within reason.

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willficformusic is a new writing community on LJ with a twist. We aren't going to tell you your prompts. No, dig out your favorite cd's and there's your set of prompts!

That's right. You choose a cd and a character or pairing and go to town. Each of the song titles on that cd is a prompt just like we had given it to you.

Think you're up for the challenge? Then come on buy and make your claim!
Prison Break: Disguise
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Final Fantasy Women Music Video

This is the revised version of the music video I posted a while back in this comm. It uses the music "Time's Scar" from the Chrono Cross soundtrack and clips from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and X. It focuses mainly on Aerith/Aeris, Rinoa, Edea, Garnet, and Yuna.

View it by either clicking the link:

Final Fantasy Women: Time's Scar

...or clicking the cutCollapse )

I hope you enjoyed it! Reviews are appreciated, especially constructive criticism.