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A Multi-Fandom RPG
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Welcome to Nirvana; everyone's paradise. We hope you enjoy your stay, exits are at the front and to your-- oh, wait. Sorry! No exits out of here. Once you arrive here, you're stuck. This is the place that you only dream about when in the deepest slumber; the world in between everything. Everyone knows of life and death, but what ever happened to the transitory state in between? That's where you are right now. Limbo turned Paradise. Don't try to go home, it isn't happening. You aren't dreaming, drunk, or otherwise intoxiated or inhibited in any way.

There is no way out of this place, you can't go up, down, or backwards. Your emotions had such a strong hold on your life that you came here instead of to your own personal Heaven or Hell, or whatever have you. Still alive when you found yourself here? You probably had too little of a hold on your life and were sucked in by accident. It happens; you'll just have to deal with it until The Source decides you can leave and move on to whatever awaits you next. Think of Nirvana as the 'waiting room' between life and death. Pick a number, take a seat, enjoy your time, learn a thing or two and make some friends. You're not leaving for a while.

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